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SQM(Saudi Quality Mark)

What is the Saudi Quality Mark (SQM)?
The Saudi Quality Mark (SQM)is exclusively owned and granted by the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO).

The Saudi Quality Mark License is valid for three years.

Who can apply to obtain the Saudi Quality Mark ?
Every facility that produces or distributes goods that comply with Saudi technical regulations and standards and applies an approved quality assurance management system to produce goods has the right to apply for the Saudi Quality Mark.

Saudi Quality Mark Using Conditions:
The merchant has the right to label the Quality Mark on the products within the scope of the license.
The merchant has the right to refer to the Saudi Quality Mark in the product marketing documents.
The Quality Mark should be unerase able printed or labeled on the product.
In case there is no space for the Quality Mark or it can’t be labeled on the product, the facility should get back to the granting authority to get approval on the labeling place.
The Quality Mark should be printed identically to the official Mark.
It shouldn’t be labeled on the correspondence of the facility.
The applicants can’t use the mark before or during the process of verifying their requests.
The facility can get back to the granting authority for official approval on the documents intended to label the mark.
Using the Quality Mark doesn’t mean -in any case- that the granting authority is legally responsible on behalf of the manufacturer, importer, or distributer. 

Advantages of obtain the Saudi Quality Mark
Enhancing the reputation of the facility obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark locally, regionally, and internationally.
Ensuring Free registration on Saber electronic platform once the product obtains the Saudi Quality Mark.
The product that obtains Saudi Quality Mark does not require obtaining any conformity certificate or other marks.
Ensuring easy access of the products obtaining the mark through the customs ports.
Qualifying facilities to win local and international quality awards.
Supporting the national economy, raising the competitiveness of Saudi products in the local and international markets.
Ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence and increasing sales.

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