What is COC/COI


In order to improve the quality of imported products and protect the personal and property safety of the public, the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry has issued decrees No. 991 and No. 992, which require that controlled products specified in the decree must obtain an inspection certificate (COI certificate) issued by a third-party inspection agency authorized by the Egyptian government. At the same time, the manufacturer or trademark holder of controlled products must complete registration with the relevant Egyptian authorities before they can be sold in the Egyptian market.

If the COI certificate is not obtained for exporting products under Egyptian control, the importer will be unable to clear customs smoothly. In serious cases, the goods will be refused entry into the port.

COC/COI Process


1. Application form, packing list, invoice, product testing report, and detailed pictures of the product;

2. Submit materials to ASTC China for approval;

3. After both the documentation and inspection are qualified, arrange for the issuance of the certificate.

COI Authorization Certificate


ASTC is a conformity assessment body approved by Egypt to issuing product certification for export enterprises.

COI certificate sample


COC/COI required information

1. Application form
2. Packing list
3. Invoices
4. Test report
5. Product photos, label photos, and packaging photos

Points to note when applying for COI certification in Egypt

⁙ During the process of applying for COI certification in Egypt, submit approval reports to ensure they are English testing reports in accordance with EOS/ES standards or ISO standards;

⁙ When confirming the draft COI certificate, it is recommended to send it to the importer for verification, as the standards and standard year numbers reflected on the Egyptian customs clearance certificate are meticulous, and any slight deviation can cause the importer to be unable to clear customs smoothly.


—— COC/COI Fees
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