What is Saber

SABER is an integrated digital platform for registering product conformity certificates launched by Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO). The only official website: https://saber.sa

SABER certificate is one of the essential documents for customs clearance when exporting to Saudi Arabia. It is a certificate that applied through SABER platform and made for products exporting to Saudi Arabia in order to prove that they comply with requirement of the SALEEM certification program raised by SASO.

Saber Process

Step 1: Apply for the Saber KSAPC Product Certificate (valid for one year).

Step 2: Apply for the Saber SCOC Shipment Certificate (valid for a single shipment).

Saber Notification Certificate


ASTC is a conformity assessment body approved by SASO to issuing product certification for export enterprises.

Sample of Saber Certificate


Saber required information

First, the required documents for the Saber PC are as follows:"

1. KSAPC application form or request number;
2. Factory business license or Commercial Registration;
3. Supplier Declaration Form;
4. Testing report for products (report must be issued by ISO17025/CNAS accredited laboratories);
5. Clear product label images for the models, as well as clear external packaging images;
6. Others (if needed).

Secondly, with the already obtained KSAPC certificate and the importer's customs clearance invoice, apply for the Saber SCOC certificate

SQM Fees

—— Saber Fees
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