What is SQM


The SASO Quality Mark certificate, also known as SASO Q Mark, actually both refers to Saudi Quality Mark which is a product qualification mark issued by Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization(SASO). it can be used to prove products comply with SASO standards and are produced by factories with effective management systems. This certification adopts the ISO/IEC 17067 Category 5 conformity assessment plan and is applicable to products manufactured locally in Saudi Arabia or exported to Saudi Arabia.

SQM also has a unique form of expression in the SABER system. When querying the type of required certificate for a product corresponding to a specific HS code through the SABER system, if the result only contains QM certificate, it means that this product can apply for SABER PC and SABER SC only if it obtain the SQM certificate

SQM Scope


1. Gas appliances and accessories (household cookers, ovens, grills, liquefied petroleum gas heaters, gas rubber hoses, etc.)
2. Building materials: metal components and alloys for construction projects (steel plates, steel coils, structural steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, etc.)
3. Building materials: hydraulic connectors and related products (cement, concrete blocks, gypsum boards, etc.)
4. Building materials: ceramic tiles
5. Biodegradable materials
6. Building materials: flat steel products (from June 22, 2020)
7. Building materials: aluminum panels (from June 22, 2020)
8. Extension cords and power sockets (from August 2020)
9. PVC insulated cables (from August 2020)

As the Saudi government continues to improve the quality requirements for commodities circulating in the market, more products will be included in the scope of QM certification.

SQM authorization certificate


ASTC is a SASO authorized notification body can help issue SQM to companies that require SQM.

Sample SQM Certificate


SQM Process


1. Submit application: submit SQM request online, hand on technical documents and factory management system documents

2. Technical review;

3. Factory audit.

SQM Fees

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